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Canoe & Kayak Registration: For information on canoe & kayak registration in Florida go to

Canoe Central: Canoe Outpost-Peace River is "Canoe Central" for Florida. We will try to answer any paddling question you have or will find someone who can. Leave your name, how to contact you, and your question at 800-268-0083 or and we'll get back to you.

AAA Discounts: Show your AAA Auto Club Card at check-in and receive $4.00 off for up to two canoes on half day and full day paddle trips at the Canoe Outposts on the Suwannee, Santa Fe, Little Manatee, and Peace Rivers. Offer not available with any other offer.

In the market to buy a canoe or kayak? Check with any Canoe Outpost® to see what is available in used and new canoes and kayaks at the nearest Outpost. If we don't have any we can usually direct you to someone who does. We're not in the retail business as a regular job because our main mission is to help folks have the finest paddling experiences on the most beautiful waterways of Florida in the most professional, safe, and economical mode as possible. Canoe Outpost® on the Peace River is selling off most off their used kayaks. Heritage Solos are $150 plus tax, Heritage Tandems are $250 plus tax. Some have had repairs. Call 800-268-0083 for more info.

Gift Certificates are available at all Canoe Outposts for that special gift at the holidays or anytime of the year.

Rain or Shine. Don't forget to always call ahead to check the weather at the Outpost before canceling or rescheduling a trip. It may be raining where you are but might be sunny skies at the Outpost.

It's the Law! Each person has to have a lifejacket in the canoe or kayak with him or her at all times. Personal boat owners that means you too! Boat cushions do not fulfill the Coast Guard requirements anymore. Go to for more information.

Discounts on the Peace River: Besides their regular group and monthly discounts, Canoe Outpost-Peace River offers a special discount program for all tax-exempt groups. With proof of tax-exempt status any church, scout group, or similar group can receive a special discount and no minimum number of canoes is required. The Peace also offers a weekday discount to firefighters, law enforcement officers, and EMT/EMS staff with proof of profession. Call 800-268-0083 for details or go to for more info

The Florida Professional Paddlesports Association (FPPA) has a new free color brochure listing over 60 outfitters around the state, a map showing locations, and beautiful canoe and kayak pictures. Copies are available at all Canoe Outposts.

Florida Monthly Magazine readers voted the Peace River the best river or lake in Florida for canoeing in 2009. This makes the 14th year in a row! Congratulations Peace River. Canoe Outpost® offers paddling on the best.

Children's PFD / Lifejacket Warning: Folks are showing up at the Outposts with their kids in the swim vests/swimsuit combos by Speedo that can be purchased at Sam's and Costco and refusing to use our lifejackets. These "swim vests"/swimsuits are not Coast Guard approved PFDs. Usually these outfits are like a swimsuit with floatation around the waist. They may be more comfortable but they are not legal when boating in Florida. State law in Florida requires all kids under 6 to wear a Coast Guard approved PFD/lifejacket at all times while the vessel is on the water. Canoe Outpost® supplies PFDs in all sizes at no charge to all children in our canoes and kayaks. Remember safety first!

River Clean-Ups: All Canoe Outposts sponsor and encourage river clean-ups throughout the year for interested groups.