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Here are some quick bios and pictures of the Canoe Outpost-Peace River gang. As you will see they have a great deal of experience despite their youthful appearance. Everyone here enjoys meeting new people (yes, even the dog), so if you run into one of them, don't hesitate to say HI!

We are updating all our gang pictures, check back later

Name: Becky (Boss Lady) Bragg
Job: Owner/President/CDL Driver
Since: 1990

Florida Native, Gator Alumni


Name: Jon Bragg
Job: Maintenance Supervisor/Land Manager/CDL Driver/Camp Master
Since: Since late 70's off and on

Florida Native.

Becky's Brother




Name: Diane Roan
Job: Office Staff
Since: 2014

Michigan born but has lived in Florida most her life.


Name: Jose (Sweet Poppy Sanchez) Noyola
Job: CDL Driver
Since: 2008

Texas born.

Name: Jim (The Old Man) Gallagher
Job: CDL Driver
Since: 2004

From New Jersey. Jim is an original "Jersey Boy". Jim is an Ex-Marine. He'll make sure you get parked right!




Name: Chuck (Peace, Man) Johnson
Job: CDL Driver
Since: 2010

 Chuck will be your usual Zolfo Springs   

Name: Joe Valin
Job: CDL Driver
Since: 2012


Name: Jason (Tall Boy) Anderson
Job: Canoe Toter/Crew Leader
Since: 2000

Florida Native

Jason is your campsite concierge at Oak Hill!



Name: Pedro Castro (Pete)
Job: Canoe Toter
Since: 2010

Pete is the usual staff member you'll see in Gardner at the end of the Zolfo run.



Name: Trent Anthney
Job: General Manager
Since: Late 90's, Trent has been with us from a young'n to the present. Trent is Becky's son

Texan by the Grace of God




Name: Casey Davis
Job: Canoe Toter
Since: 2018

Native Floridian



Name: Austin Kortzendorf
Job: Canoe Toter
Since: 2016

Native Arcadian

Name: Jeorgia Sutton
Job: Office Manager
Since: 2016

Bradenton Florida native

Name: Moyses Ramirez
Job: Canoe Toter
Since: 2018

Canine Concierge  

Name: Ziggy (owns Becky)
Job: Canine Concierge

Since: 2010  

Ziggy is a rescue dog who is part Jack Russell Terrier, part Corgi (look at those front legs and feet) and we think, a little Pitbull. The brindle coloring and that muscular backside sure look like pit. The Jack Russell is obvious, Ziggy is the Ever Ready dog, always on the run! Warning: if you are tossing a ball or a Frisbee especially a football around, Ziggy will steal it! Watch your balls. He'll also snatch your bag of snacks or lunch if too low to the ground.



Name: Greta (owns Jon)
Job: Canine Concierge

Since: 2013    

Greta is the dark gray Wiemaraner that is usually at the repair barn. She lives in Gardner with Jon. She's Ziggy's play buddy after hours. She drags him around by his collar. A little hyperactive, she is only loose after hours and at home.


Name: Marley (owns Trent)
Job: Canine Concierge

Since: 2016     

Marley is the long-legged hound running around. We believe she is part Beagle and part Black & Tan. She wandered up one evening when it was raining and cold as a little, bitty thing. Trent fell in love. 

Name: Winston (owns Trent)
Job: Canine Concierge

Since: 2017     

Winston is a English Bulldog. He is a pudgy cutie! He loves everybody.  Please don't feed him, he needs to keep his trim figure under control. He hangs out a the office.


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