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Canoe Outpost-Peace River

Kids Can Paddle!    


It's time to plan your youth group's fun with Canoe Outpost on the beautiful Peace River in Arcadia with two different group packages to pick from.

Summertime is the popular time for the Hot Dog and Peace Paddles. Recreation groups from all over come to the Peace for some summer fun. We're expanding the Hot Dog Paddle to be available 'year around, as long as it's a weekday. The Hot Dog or the Peace Paddle is available for groups of 20 or more kids. Call 800-268-0083 for details. Pricing applies to at least two people per canoe.

The Peace Paddle is $12.50 per person and is the paddle trip only from either Brownville or Oak Hill back to Arcadia. Staff or chaperones, per the below chart, paddle for free.

The Hot Dog Paddle is $14.50 per person and includes the paddle trip, hot dogs, marshmallows, chips, and lemonade. Paddle from Brownville or Oak Hill back to Arcadia and enjoy a picnic when you get back. Cook the dogs on a stick or on the grill; just let us know how you want them. Staff or chaperones, per the below chart, paddle and eat for free.
All paddle trips include canoes, paddles, pfd vests not horse collars, transportation, pre-trip orientation, paddle tips, CDL drivers, and Canoe Outpost-Peace River's exclusive picnic/stopping area part way down for breaks (on the 8 mile). Five or eight mile easy paddling trips available.

Fine Print:

  • The Oak Hill Run/5 miles is best for groups with smaller kids, those on a schedule, or those planning on eating after the trip. Oak Hill is also the best choice if the water is low.
  • The Brownville Run/8 miles is for those groups with older kids that can take the paddling.  
  • Make sure everyone brings snacks and plenty to drink.
  • If the water is up, we supply a motorboat escort just in case any problems arise.
  • Whether a Hot Dog Paddle or a Peace Paddle, at the end of the trip, kids can have a blast jumping off the dock and swimming in the river. There is also a large grassy field by the picnic area and volleyball net for some more fun.
  • Special youth pricing does not apply to kayaks, solo or tandem.
  • Minimum number of canoes is 10 canoes.
  • Minimum number of kids is 20.
  • This pricing is only available to youth groups such as County and City Recreation Departments, school groups, church groups, homeschoolers etc.
  • If you are a group that can't make the minimum amount of kids or canoes to qualify for the youth pricing, just give us a call, we may have options and will certainly try to work with you.

Adult Chaperone to Kid Ratios
Preschool        1:5
K - 5                1:10
Middle/High     1:15


For details contact:
Canoe Outpost-Peace River
2816 NW County Rd. 661, Arcadia, FL 34266
863-494-1215, 863-494-4391f


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