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Group Rates

Call 800-268-0083 to set up your groups fun paddle trip on the Peace River. Go for the day or for the night.    

Group Discount: 10 or more canoes

This discount is for any type of group with 10 or more vessels. Friends, co-workers, family, scouts, churches etc. See Group Guidelines at bottom for details.

Day Runs

Gardner Run/12 miles/Full Day, Brownville Run/Half Day/8 miles or Oak Hill Run/Half Day/5 miles:
$38.50* per canoe for two people ($6.50 off reg. price)

Overnight Runs

Zolfo/19.5 miles, Gardner/12 miles, or Brownville Run/8 miles:
$70.00* per canoe for two people for two days and one night. ($10.00 off reg. price)

Each additional day, add $20.00*

Two free seatbacks to group leaders of 10 or more canoes. Free camping gear delivery to Oak Hill on the Gardner or Brownville overnight run if 15 or more canoes. See our page on Concierge Service for more info.

Got 25 or more rental vessels, day or overnight? The Group leader (the one who collects all the money and signatures) gets a free canoe or kayak as well as 2 free seatbacks.


Mini-Group Discount - Less than 10 canoes? 

Your group may be eligible to receive a mini-group discount! The prices below are the discount prices for special groups.

Eligible groups for the mini-group discount include any tax-exempt organizations or non-tax-exempt organiation with proper i.d./uniforms and/or group sanctioned approval such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Royal Rangers, FFA, 4-H, Campfire Girls and Boys, Boys and Girls Clubs, Home School groups (with certification), religious organizations, YMCA groups, school clubs, community service clubs, city and county recreation groups, and fraternal organizations. To receive the discount, the trip must be sanctioned by the organization and using the tax exempt organizations funds..

Day Runs

Gardner Run/12 miles/Full Day,  Brownville Run/Half Day/8 miles or Oak Hill Run/5 mile/Half Day: $40.50* per canoe for two people ($4.50 off regular price)

Overnight Runs

Zolfo/19.5 miles, Gardner/12 miles, or Brownville Run/8 miles:
$72.50* per canoe for two people for two days and one night ($7.50 off regular price)

Each additional day, add $21.25*

No minimum number of rental canoes required for mini-group discount. To be eligible for discount, a copy of the tax-exempt certificate must be presented at check-in or be on file with Canoe Outpost-Peace River. If not tax-exempt, some other organization I.D will be required. Scouts must have copy of tax certificate, have scout I.D. cards, or be in uniform (Class A or Class B) at time of trip check-in. Paddle trip must be sanctioned by the organization to be eligible for discount and a letter from the organization may be required. Being a member of an organization does not automatically qualify you as an individual for the discount. This is a group discount for organizations who have trouble meeting the 10 or more canoe group discount. Just like our regular group discounts, one person pays for the entire group. 

Group Guidelines:

Please call (800-268-0083) any day except Monday or Tuesday to reach a Group Coordinator. Best time to call is after lunch which is after all the runs are out and we can give you our full attention.

In a nut qualify for a group discount, one person collects all the signatures and pays for the entire group at one time. Our staff deals with the "group leader" only. Individuals cannot pay separately and receive the group discount. Personal canoes and kayaks do not count in the "group" count. Outfitted canoes count but don't receive a discount. For more details, check the full group guidelines that you will receive with your Group Packet.

Tax Exempt? If the group is using sales tax exemption status the following rules according to FDOR must be followed. A current tax-exempt certificate must be on file with Canoe Outpost-Peace River or you bring one with you. FDOR does not allow out of state certificates, only Florida ones. Payment must be from the tax-exempt organization i.e. the check or credit card must have the organization's name on it. If paying cash or using a personal credit card to pay for the group, you must have a letter on the organization's letterhead explaining the money is the organization's funds. If you don't have the certificate at the time of check-in, go ahead and pay the sales tax. You can send us a copy later and we'll be glad to refund the sales tax.

Extra person in the middle, older than 12, is an extra $15 per day plus tax. Kids, 12 and under, are always free in the middle.

Please Note: If your reservation changes i.e. your vessel count changes, your price will automatically change. Go below the minium amount for a group discount, you lose the discount. Please, no whining because we didn't "remind" you or "no one told me".

Group Disounts apply to rental canoes and kayaks only. The only exception is for groups camping at Oak Hill during busy season, call for details.

Group advantage: lower price, quicker check-in, preferential campsites at Oak Hill, bigger groups get quicker departures, free seats for the group leader, and our profound sympathy for the group leader (it can be a tough job).

Contact us for a group packet with more info:

  Canoe Outpost - Peace River
2816 NW County Rd. 661, Arcadia, Florida 34266 USA
(863) 494-1215 local/(863) 494-4391 fax/(800) 268-0083 



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