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Peace River Fossil Tools

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Here is our suggested Fossil Hunting Equipment Checklist:
  • Fossil Sifter - if you make your own, add noodles to the sides so it floats and a leash of some kind will keep it from floating away
  • Shovel, trowel, or scoop (plastic beach shovel, ice scoop etc.) Zip tie a pool noodle or other foam tube to your shovel handle so it's easier to find when you lay it down to check your sifter. One person shoveling and one shaking the sifter works well. Any size shovel is fine. Somewhere on the web folks are seeing you can only use short shovels, that is not true. 
  • Shelling Scoop or Sand Flea Rake (mesh baskets with attached long handles) -This can be found where fishing supplies are sold. Do It Best hardware store by Tractor Supply in Arcadia carries two different sizes.
  • Fossil I.D. sheet - (put in a gallon zip bag or purchase a laminated one at the Outpost). At check-in ask for a free copy of the fossil i.d.and "how to" pages. At the end of the trip, if your sheets got wet, we'll be glad to give you new ones.
  • Nail Apron (Home Depot or Lowes) or fanny pack for around your waist to hold treasures as you dig. Sport bras work good too. You guys can wear one if you want!
  • Bucket - (5 gallon buckets are handy to sit on, for the big finds, and to throw broken glass in)
  • Zip bags - to sort your goodies and to carry them in. Need zip bags for your phone and other personal items too. Plastic storage containers and paper towels are handy to store the really special and fragile finds.
  • Metal Rod - around 4-5 feet long to probe the bottom. Shovels and paddles work too.
  • Mask and snorkel - if you want to fan the bottom.
  • Trash bags - bring all your trash back and help clean the river as you go.
  • Cooler w/ drinks and snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses (polarized preferred)
  • Hat - the wider the brim, the better
  • Old shoes w/ socks, water shoes, or dive booties -  Socks help keep the sand and gravel out of your shoes.
  • Old clothes
  • Towels and dry clothes to leave in the car so you can clean up and dry off once you get back.
  • We have outdoor, cold showers for rinsing off.

Good luck a have a great time!

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