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Are you ready for some prime time fun on the beautiful Peace River in Arcadia, Florida?

Whether you have an hour, a few hours or a whole day, Canoe Outpost-Peace River has been your destination for paddling the Peace for over 40 years. Paddle from our dock or we can shuttle you upriver to see alligators, blue heron, wood storks, eagles and all other sorts of wildlife. Find your peace on the Peace River!

The trip descriptions are listed from longest to shortest in miles. On almost all trips, except the hourly, we bus you upriver and you paddle downstream back to your vehicles.

Please check trip availability (see link below) for current departure times. Some trips may not be available because of water conditions, some may not be available because of large groups.

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#1 Gardner to Arcadia (Full Day)

Distance: 12 miles
Cost: $45.00 per vessel for two people plus tax.
Paddling Time: 4 to 5 hr. leisure paddle at normal water levels

Now we're starting to get into some paddling! Your Peace River adventure begins by checking-in with Canoe Outpost in Arcadia. Pile into the bus and we take you upriver to the Gardner Outpost. Along the way back to our dock enjoy relaxing and sightseeing. Return by closing time to end a great day on the river. Usually departs daily at 8am (must have reservation), & 10 am for day runs. Departure times can vary with the water level. Overnight trips are also available. Call 863-494-1215. Check current available departure times



#2 Brownville to Arcadia (Half-Day)
Distance: 8 miles
Cost: $45.00 per vessel for two people plus tax.
Paddling Time: 3 to 4 hr. leisure paddle at normal water levels    

This is our most popular paddle trip! The best for floating, fishing, and/or fossil hunting. Check-in at Arcadia and our bus will take you upriver to Brownville Park. Paddle downstream to our dock in Arcadia. Usually departs at 8am (only with reservations), 10am & 11:30am daily. Overnight trips are also available. Departure varies on Saturdays and per season, call first. You have all day to do the run, just be back to our dock before closing time. Departure times can vary with the water level. Overnight trips are also available. Call 863-494-1215. Check current available departure times

#3 Oak Hill to Arcadia (Half-Day)

Distance: 5 miles
Cost: $45.00 per vessel for two people plus tax.
Paddling Time:
1.5-2 hrs. of leisure paddling.

This is the after church run on weekends and the fossil hunting special. Are you a late riser? This is the run for you! Not available if water level is high. This run departs daily at 11:30 am, 12:30 pm and on weekends, also at 1:30pm. Check-in at Arcadia, bus takes you upriver to Oak Hill. Picnic and paddle your way back downstream, back to our dock in Arcadia. You have until 5pm to return the canoe or kayak. Departure times can vary with the water level. Call 863-494-1215. Check current available departure times

#4 Arcadia Dock (Hourly Rental)
Distance: Up to you, paddle upstream from our Arcadia Dock and float back.
Cost: 1 vessel/2 people: $30.00 + tax min., for the first two hours, $5.00 each hour after that, not to exceed our daily rental rate of $45 plus tax. Extra person over 13, add $5.00 plus tax per hour
Paddling Time: varies, up to you, just be back by closing time.     

No need to climb aboard the bus for this trip. Come to Arcadia, park, check-in and paddle! This run is popular with those that just want to paddle upstream and hang out or fossil hunt.  Last departure is 2:00 on every day for the dock to dock. Credit card hold per canoe required and rental is taken out of deposit upon return. Departure times can vary with the water level. all 863-494-1215. Check current available departure times

More Info:

Camping at the Arcadia Peace River Campground? We are right next door, just walk on over. If your camped in the main campground, you can probably see our back lot. If you're camped in the wilderness area, you might want to drive on over, it's quite a hike. We're just a short hike from the Group Sites.  You can also drive your 4-wheelers over to the Outpost to check-in. If you drive over in cars, just head out the Peace River Campground main entrance and turn right onto CR 661. Follow the long, metal fence. We're the second drive on the right, look for the canoe mailbox. If walking over or riding ATVs, look for the Canoe Outpost Gate on your campsite map. It's at the end of Linleigh Lane in the single site area north of the campground office.

Closing Time: 5:00 p.m.

Kids, 12 and under, as extra people in the middle are free. Extra person, 13 and older, add $15.00 plus tax.

Kayaks:  Want a solo or tandem kayak? It's the same price as a canoe. We have cockpit (sit-in) or sit - on-top (SOT). Our solos are by Emotion & Perception. Our tandem SOT are by Perception. The tandem cockpits are Old Town brand, Loon and Otters. If you desire to rent kayaks, we need a reservation or you need to check-in at least a half hour early. If you show up at the last minute, we may not have time to switch canoes for kayaks on the trailer.

Prices are based on having the vessel for the day and not length of trip. On all daily runs you can keep the vessel all day. Need to be back to the dock by 5:00 p.m.  All prices are plus 7.5% sales tax if applicable.

Reservations: Reservations not needed weekdays and Sundays. We need reservations on Saturdays, holiday weekend Sundays, and during Spring Breaks (see the calendar). Be sure to check-in at least 30 minutes prior to departure in checking in at Arcadia if your group is 6 or more canoes or if it is Saturday. On weekdays, with only a couple canoes going out, we open at 7:45 a.m. If you need to check-in earlier, we will let you know.

Payment: Business checks (no personal checks), all Credit Cards, credit or debit, or Cash. Our payment system only does payment per canoe not per person or split items. Please be prepared before check-in (bring cash or plan to settle with your paddle partner). 

Parking: We have a front parking lot and a back lot. On busy Saturdays the front lot will be roped off, directing you to the back parking lot. In either lot, park next to any of the other vehicles to form a row. If your vehicle looks out of place, it probably is. If in doubt, park, and staff will periodically check the parking. Just don't block someone in or triple park. Once you park, leave your gear and coolers in your vehicles and walk to the office to check-in. The bus will pick you up by your vehicle.  If you're with a large group, wait for instructions from your group leader or a member of the Outpost staff. On weekdays, all trips leave from the front lot, you'll see the buses.

Vessel: according to the USCG (US Coast Guard), a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard is a vessel. Our base price is on a per vessel charge.

Call us at 863-494-1215 

We offer group, church, and youth discounts, see our Group Rates .

Family fun on the Peace River in Arcadia Florida

Along the way for any run:
Stopping and picnicking allowed the entire trip on deserted islands and beaches. Canoe Outpost-Oak Hill picnic area is located half way down from Brownville or 2/3's of the way down from Gardner, 3.75 miles south of the Brownville Boat Ramp. Oak Hill has shady picnic areas with tables, portable toilets, and hiking trails and is for the exclusive use of Canoe Outpost-Peace River customers. The Arcadia Outpost at the end of the trip has restrooms, outdoor shower, picnic shelter with grill, shady picnic areas with tables, fossil displays, and shady parking.

Be sure to see our Helpful Hints page for more information on what to bring / do that will make your trip more enjoyable.



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